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OfraCar: Aufbauseminar „Preisverhandlungen“ – Preiserhöhungen und Preisverteidigung

7. November | 8:00 - 17:00

Guide to price increases in the commodity crisis

Raw material prices and other costs are shooting through the roof and, on the other hand, OEMs and Tier1s are cutting back or stopping call-offs from their suppliers - this is currently the extremely difficult situation for many automotive suppliers. And this forces them to act quickly in the form of price increases or other compensation demands to the group's customers. But they are fighting back and have prepared their buyers for the demands of the many suppliers. In this situation, a "standard approach" like many others has little chance of success.

Because ʺnegotiations are not a rational matterʺ says FBI negotiation expert Chris Voss. You first have to pick up your counterpart emotionally and create common ground before it comes to facts and figures. Against this background, starting the conversation with commodity charts can even have a rather counterproductive effect and virtually trigger a defensive reflex. Rather, in this special situation, an individual approach is needed to prepare the negotiating partner for the explanation of the demand and to win him over for a joint solution finding. This should include both conventional and unconventional approaches that take into account the requirements, "taboos" and constraints on the buyer's side.

The seminar assumes knowledge of the ʺLopez philosophyʺ and the mechanisms in group purchasing from the basic seminar ʺPrice Negotiations with ʺLopez Buyersʺʺ. Participation without the basic course is not possible in this case.



7. November
8:00 - 17:00
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