Andreas Fein Marketing
Price Study Automotive

1. How does the customer behave in planning?

2. How is the OEM/Tier1 currently behaving in the chip and raw material crisis? Were there any delivery stops / cancellations?

3. Is there any compensation or financial support from the customer?

4. What annoys you the most in the current critical phase?

5. What is the material content of your parts?

6. What was the atmosphere of the conversation/negotiation like?

7. What methods were/are used to generate pressure?

8. How often have there been requests or price negotiations with this customer in recent years?

9. What did the buyer's price reduction requests refer to?

10. Request for lowering the price of parts?

11. Your concessionto the requested price reduction?

12. Parts type: what kind of parts were you negotiating about?

13. Part destination or use of the part?

14. Have upfront/engineering services been taken into account/compensated?

15. How long has the supplier relationship with this customer been in place?

16. Turnover size of your company (in Euro)

17. Comments and remarks

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