• Taking our client's business on the offensive
  • Starting from the strengths - the obvious and the hidden ones
  • When repositioning, think from the market, from the customer
  • Bringing together strengths and customer problems (inspired by EKS)

The result is healthy organic growth for your company. The key to this lies in the strengths of the company and its employees and looking ahead. Why does the customer need you as a supplier in the next 5 years?

New Focus, new ways, new customers

Core competencies

  • 30+ years of industry know-how for the world of automotive suppliers, machine builders, factory equipment suppliers, building equipment suppliers.
  • 30 years of projects in Germany and Europe
  • 30 years of project experience for or on the US market
  • The results are always tailor-made for the respective company, method suitcase from EKS, De Bono and Helfrecht
  • Lead teams to insights through facilitation and coaching and support them in implementation
  • Working languages German and English and empathy for other cultures, especially American, Chinese and Japanese, e.g. longer project work in the USA.
  • Our working style is pragmatic, time efficient and "with the urge to score".
Andreas Fein

Hans-Andreas Fein
born 1958

Study of business administration
(technically oriented) at the University of Stuttgart.

Trainee at Landesgirokasse Stuttgart (now LBBW/BW-Bank),
Trainee at J. W. Thompson GmbH in Frankfurt (Advertising agency).
Assist in overhead projects using the McKinsey method.

1984 - 1988 // 4 years
Marketing and Sales Manager of C&E Fein Elektrowerkzeuge, Stuttgart,
a medium-sized company with 1,000 employees

1988/89 Project activity at Porsche Cars of North America in Reno/Nevada.

Since 1989 Self-employed as marketing and strategy consultant for automotive suppliers, machine builders, factory and building equipment suppliers
with office in Stuttgart

Methodological base:
EKS strategy (bottleneck-focused strategy by Wolfgang Mewes), HelfRecht planning system, de Bono creativity technique.

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