Andreas Fein Marketing
Study Price Negotiations and Procurement Strategies of OEMs/Tier1s 2022

1. How does the selected OEM/animal behave in terms of volume preview/forecast?

2. How is the OEM/Tier1 currently behaving in the chip and raw material crisis? Were there any surprising supply stops?

3. Is there any compensation or financial support for the shortfall compared to the forecast?

4. What annoys you most about the customer's behavior in the current critical phase?

5. Does the customer have a material tax surcharge (MTZ)?

6. What were the energy cost increases for your parts in 2022?

7. What was the atmosphere like in the negotiations last year?

8. Was there demand for reduction of the parts price (Savings)

9. What methods were/are used to generate pressure?

10. How often have there been claims or price negotiations with this customer in recent years?

11. What did the buyer's price reduction demands relate to?

12. Parts type: what kind of parts were you negotiating about?

13. Size of turnover of your company (in Euro)

17. Comments and remarks

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