In-house Seminars on Price Negotiations and Key Account Management:

New Business Development with Key Accounts
Developing new business - with current and new Group customers. Acquisition in the early phase. How to position yourself strategically as a supplier for the future and establish a strategic partnership with the customer.


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Tough Price Negotiations with ʺLopez Purchasersʺ

Negotiation strategy - who pulls the strings? 
Seminar for suppliers or seminar version for mechanical engineers


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Advanced Seminars on: Tough Price Negotiations with ʺLopez Purchasersʺ

Psychology and Dramaturgy in Tough Price Negotiations

Recognizing manipulation early on and not letting yourself be swayed by pressure and threats. 
With Dipl. Psych. Elke Woertche as co-lecturer. (Seminar day + implementation day)


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Tricked!? Tactics and Methodology for Cost Break Down and Other Ordeals

The tools to counter the 12 most common tactical tools used by buyers. From e-auctions to cost break down to door-to-door.


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Timing as a Navigation Tool through Difficult Negotiation processes

A seminar to reinforce the tactical concept - specifically how to assess the timing of a negotiation - first half or second half - and use each phase to your advantage.


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Price Increases in the Raw Material Crises

Negotiations for price increases are not a rational matter. At the beginning there are several phases to pick up the interlocutors emotionally and to win them over for a concession before you come up with proposals and commodity charts - with practice exercises


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Does it Work Online too? Tough Price Negotiations with Corporate Purchasers

Online seminar on difficult video negotiations with corporate buyers. Roadmap and toolbox in the digital medium: The limited set of tools at the "electronic window" and a first aid kit for extreme situations.


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Good contracts between ʺDavid und Goliathʺ?

Negotiation strategies and ways to secure supply agreements between suppliers and multinational corporate customers.
Advanced seminar with lawyer Annett Pée, specialist for international contract law, as co-lecturer


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"Re-Set for Automotive Suppliers - CASE and the other 12 Upheavals in the Vehicle".

In addition to electromobility and autonomous driving, there are a whole series of other upheavals in vehicle technology, some of which have more power to change than the e-drive. The trends and the implications for suppliers will be highlighted and evaluated so that each participant can filter out the most serious effects for their business.


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ʺThe New Normalʺ - New Requirements for Automotive Suppliers

The production interruptions in the pandemic and also the upheavals in the markets have changed the requirements and processes in the supplier business. Greater transparency in process data, a new dimension of flexibility - processes, structures and organization have to be completely rethought.


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