Consulting and Coaching

Workshop series and projects on the topic revolve around very concrete, company-specific tasks or emerging challenges, be it

  • Negotiation strategies for specific OEMs or key accounts,
  • Pro-active sales offensives for selected target customers,
  • Sales offensives aimed at new or old target markets or
  • Strategy reviews for the US market, for China or other markets.

Every task and company constellation is different and this determines the respective project scope. But from decades of experience we can say that

  • Strategy reviews and strategies for individual key accounts usually go in 1-2 workshops
  • Development of negotiation strategies for several OEM customers, target market, sales offensive etc. rather need 3-6 workshops.

In addition, there is the corresponding office work, e.g. for workshop planning, agenda and organization, preliminary analyses and preparation of charts and working aids as well as minutes and follow-up. All services are available in German or English.

Would you like a project proposal with quote for a specific topic?

Then please give me a briefing or description, a few keywords about the task - on the phone, by e-mail or in a personal conversation.

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Typical projcet modules

Analysis of the market, segments, trends, structures, etc.
Analysis of customer history / SWOT
"Customer Pain", competitor profiles / SWOT
Customer survey on "Customer Pain", trends, future topics
Evaluation: customer's point of view
"Customer Pain" offensive concept, sales initiatives, action plan

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